Geographical Information

       Sindhudurg district is situated between Latitudes 15.37 and 16.40 North, and longitudes 73.19 and 74.18 East. It is bordered by the Arabian Sea on the West and Sahyadri hill ranges to the East with a total area of 5,207 Sindhudurg is part of the Konkan region of Maharastra located on the west coast of Indian Peninsula. The district has been endowed with great natural beauty with its long beautiful seashore, picturesque mountains and lush green forests. Sindhudurg district is also known for tropical fruits like the world famous Alphonso mangoes, cashews, Jamuns etc.
       National Highway 17 passes through the district. With 7 railway stations, a 103 Km stretch of Konkan Railway line passes through this district. It has good road and rail links with Goa and Mumbai.

Geographical Details :
North Latitudes 15.37 to 16.40
East Longitude 73.19 to 74.18
Geog.Area 5207 Sq.Kilometer.

Climate :
Min.Temp - 16.3 Celsius
Max.Temp -33.8 Celsius

Rainfall :
3,287mm ( Average ) Sindhudurg witnesses rain for full four months June, July, August and September.
Wild Life (Click Here to View Photos)
        Most of the district area is covered by dense rainforests. Amboli hill station area is most suitable habitat for wild animals like leopard, wild cats, rabbits, wild hen and some times wild buffaloes also appear in winter season. Wild buffaloes come down from Radhanagri forest (Kolhapur District) in search of food and water. Recently Elephants are also making entry into Sindhudurg District (Dodamarg taluka) from Karnataka state through Khanapur jungle. This is the first time that elephants are finding habitation in Maharashtra state. The Tillari major irrigation project area(Dodamarg taluka) is covered with dense rain forest and is most suitable for elephant habitat. But local people are facing problems as elephants destroy their crops and trees. ------------------------------------------------------------

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